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25 Ways to Be a Gentle (Christian) Man

Do you want to be a gentle man? Here are twenty-five ways to do that!



25 Ways to Be a Gentle (Christian) Man






Don’t put other people down.



Be patient.



Hold babies. You can’t be a rough person and hold babies. 



Be firm, not stubborn.



Be confident, not arrogant.



Be easy-going, not careless.



Remember that you don’t have to understand it to believe it.



Remember that you don’t have to agree with a person’s ideas in order to respect the person.



Remember that you don’t have to agree with a person’s ideas in order to respect those ideas.



Don’t be impatient with tears. They always happen for a reason.



Be more protective of others than of yourself..



Don’t make fun of people.



Remember that your tone of voice says more than your words (and sometimes it says things you didn’t mean for it to say).



Don’t laugh at, ridicule, or take advantage of other people’s ignorance or weakness.



Don’t say things you wouldn’t want said to you (unless you know in your heart you would need to have them said to you).



Say, “I’m sorry”



Be sorry.



Be humble.



Speak gently.



Act from principle, not anger or fear.



Cultivate courtesy.


Pay attention to what you’re doing (and saying) at all times.


Move with ease, not haste (except when haste is truly necessary).



Don’t talk loud (just loud enough to be heard).



Be strong ~ but remember that your strength can hurt delicate things and people.



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