Quick List: 7 Ways to Protect Your Health While You Wait for the Wedding (For the Groom)

The thing about health in this world is that it’s always threatened. We have to be pretty intentional about protecting it.


Sickness is always inconvenient, but “while getting married” I think it’s doubly inconvenient! Here are seven ways to protect your health while you wait for your wedding to finally show up.


7 Ways to Protect Your Health While You Wait for the Wedding {for the groom}


#1 Sleep

Believe it or not, it’s not optional.


#2 Put your good habits first, your plans second

Don’t let ’em slip  just because of all the busyness and excitement!


#3 Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Yes, you have more things to do right now that you did before but what things can you lay aside for a few months (or let go of permanently)? You can’t do everything. Don’t try to.


#4 Drink enough water

“Enough” is probably more than you want (at least eight 8-oz glasses). It makes a huge difference to your body and brain.


#5 Stress cometh. Be ready for it.

It may be mostly good stress but it’s still stress. Be intentional about you stress-relieving rest, relaxation, and recreation.


#6 Exercise.

That can be as simple as a daily walk.


#7 Don’t eat junk food

Eat real food that nourishes you!


What are you doing to protect your health?


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