Need to Add “Beans and Rice” to Your Menus?

“When a family decides to tighten their budget, they’ll often moan that they’re on a “Beans and Rice” diet. They say it like they have three-day-old tree bark in their mouths! I mean, who could possibly like eating beans and rice? Well….um….my family does.”

Yep, I agree. Beans and rice are good! But if you don’t absolutely love them both you probably don’t want to eat them plain. No worries. They’re easy to make into something awesome! In this post,  Amy from Gospel Homemaking shares her basic tips and recipes!


Read more here: Beans and Rice 101 – Gospel Homemaking

Although you can certainly comment on the post over at Gospel Homemaking, if you’d like to talk about it ~ or beans and rice in general ~ in a Virtuous Weddings context, feel free to come back and comment here!


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