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Wedding Showers


Bridal Showers, Couple Showers, Groom Showers, and others.


The Bridal Shower

  • Given to a women by women, with only women in attendance
  • Visit the bridal shower hostess guide

The Couple Shower

  • A wedding shower for both the bride and groom, with both men and women in attendance.
  • Visit the couple shower hostess (or host) guide.

The Groom Shower

  • A shower given to a man, by men, with only men in attendance (or perhaps . . . well, see below).
  • See the groom shower host guide.

Other Wedding Showers

  • A shower given to a bride with both men and women in attendance. Similar to a couple’s shower except with the groom absent (probably because he lives far away).
  • A shower given to a groom with both men and women in attendance. Another type of groom shower. Use both the groom shower guide and the couple shower guide for ideas.

A Few Basics, Common the All Wedding Showers

  • Who hosts a wedding shower? ~ Someone who has been or will be invited to the wedding. Not a member of the family (parent, grandparent, sibling, child) of either the bride or groom (except for a family-only shower, of course). More distant family should be acceptable in many cases ~ just look at it through your potential guests’ eyes first.
  • Who is invited to a shower? ~ People who have been or will be invited to the wedding. An individual wedding guest should not be invited to multiple showers (unless you know they won’t mind). Some special showers, such as an office shower or college friends shower need not be retricted to wedding guests.
  • When should a shower be given? ~ Usually, three months to three weeks before the wedding.
  • What should be given as gifts and how much should guests spend? ~ Shower gifts, unless they are group gifts, are often cheaper than wedding gifts. The actual costs depend on how much the guests can afford and how much they typically spend on wedding gifts. Family members may spend more than other guests. Most shower gifts will range between $10.00 and $50.00. Small items, such as kitchen utensils or towels, are common shower gifts. Wedding showers often have themes that dictate what type of gifts guests give.
  • What are the responsibilities of a hostess (or host)? ~ Planning the shower (often in conjuction with the guest of honor), paying for the shower, providing the food, sending the invitations, informing guests of what the couple need (or where they are registered), welcoming guests, and seeing to it that the shower flows as planned.
  • What are the responsibilities of shower guests? ~ Letting the hostess know whether or not they will be attending, buying and wrapping a gift (or several small gifts), attending the shower, making the guest of honor feel comfortable and special, and thanking the hostess.
  • What are the responsibilities of the guest(s) of honor? ~ Attending the shower, being cheerful and sweet, opening gifts, thanking guests for gifts as they are opened, thanking guests for coming and the hostess for throwing the shower, taking the gifts home, and sending thankyou notes or cards to the hostess and guests after the shower.



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