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Preparing Yourself

Are you~ personally, individually~ ready for marriage? And the duties, responsibilities, and privileges that come with it?

Tips and Ideas

  • You could probably find a lot of personal improvement to undertake, but don't overdo it. You don't have that much time, you're busy, and you have a relationship to work on together. This is important, but it's also supposed to be fun.
  • Don't try to do this without God~ especially the character development part. Sure, you do have some work to do to develop a Godly character and to become all the man or woman you need to be for your future wife or husband (and family), but trying to do that without God is like trying to walk without legs.

Do you want a God-honoring marriage? Be a God-honoring person.

Do you want a marriage that lasts? Realize that you are "vowing to love for as long as you live" not "vowing to live with as long as you love." While love may be felt, either by feeling love for someone or by feeling loved by someone, more than anything else love is something one does.

Do you want a happy marriage? The secret to a happy marriage is unselfishness! Live for others, not for yourself. Live to serve, not to be served. Be thoughtful, considerate, patient, courteous, attentive, gracious, deferent (at the same time, be honest, true, firm, and strong, for one never does any good by being a moral weakling, helping people to injure themselves, or sacrificing principle to keep others content).


You are about to be totally joined to another person. Are you ready? Are you ready to share everything? Be totally honest? Live with your man all the time? Make a happy home for your husband?

Get ready to be the wife of your husband's dreams!

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