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Dress and Wardrobe

Does your wardrobe need some updates before the wedding?

Some things to think about:

  • How long it takes you to decide what to wear in the morning
  • How many clothes you have
  • How often you find you just don't have what you need to wear
  • How often you feel you look frumpy in what you do have
  • What you sleep in every night
  • How uncertain you are about your personal appearance
  • How often you pick something out to wear only to discover that it is stained or missing a button.

That should give you a good idea about how much work you have to do in this area and in Beauty and Grooming.

Or get to do, as the case may be. It could be fun!

  • Solve your annoying beauty problems
  • Adopt a more modest and lovely style of dress
  • Put together your trousseau *

*In case you are wondering, trousseau is pronounced troo' so or troo so' (true-sew or true-sew), and it means "the special wardrobe a bride assembles for her marriage." It can also mean everything a bride brings with her to marriage ~ clothing, linens, dishes, etc. ~ but I am using it in the former sense.


Adopt a More Modest and Lovely Style of Dress

  • If you are not sure what styles of clothing look good on you, research this early in your engagement and use your findings to help you select your wedding dress.
  • Feelin' Feminine covers a lot of different topics, dress among them.

Put Together Your Trousseau

  • This is a good time to update your entire wardrobe. That doesn't mean spending a lot of money though. It means getting rid of things you no longer need, making repairs, and making some careful purchases if necessary.
  • Visit the trousseau page if you're interested in doing this!

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