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Maybe you have your life under control. Or maybe you don't. Or maybe you did until you added "getting married" to it!

However it is, I hope you find some of the following resources and tips helpful.

I know you're busy, but don't forget to . . .

  • Nurture your spiritual life
  • Take care of yourself
  • Honor your parents
  • Love your loved-ones
  • Fulfill your responsibilities
  • Balance your brain


Nurture Your Spiritual Life

  • Take time to pray.
  • Take time to read God's word

Take Care of Yourself

  • Be consistent with personal care and protect your health
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Drink 6-8 glasses (8 oz) of water each day (or more)
  • Be physically active every day
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Your digestive system will be much happier. I know this is hard when you are busy!
  • Relax! Not as a replacement for hard work but along with it.

Honor Your Parents

  • . . . and your parents-in-law to be.

Love Your Loved Ones

  • Don't forget your siblings and grandparents, who still want attention from you even though you're extra busy.

Balance Your Brain

  • Take breaks. Vary your activities instead of trying to accomplish everything marathon-style.

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