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Are you ready?

You must have thought so or you wouldn't have proposed!

But that doesn't necessarily rule out your being nervous or unprepared, or otherwise unready for the duties, responsibilities, and privileges of marriage. 

I'm sure you are busy (or soon will be) planning your wedding and setting up a new household. However, some aspects of preparation just aren't adequately handled by The Wedding and Setting up Housekeeping: the preparation of yourself. That is, your heart, mind, and body. Your personal space, possessions, and habits. YourSELF as a husband, head of household, and potential father.

Preparation is divided into three main sections.

Practical Preparations, which might be anything from completing unfinished projects to gaining skills to cleaning out your car.

Heart and Mind ~ learning what it means to be a husband, developing better habits, dealing with "junk" or undergoing much needed spiritual growth, etc.

Health and Personal Appearance, which covers health and personal care practices, grooming, dressing and wardrobe, and so forth.

This is a very individual matter so I don't know just what you will need. While personal development is important you can't do it all right now. Don't overdo it. Do what is reasonable and important given the time that you have.

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