Making a Home

Making a Home doesn’t really start until after the wedding, but what you do before the wedding does have an impact on what kind of home you have after the wedding. For example,

  • Your attitudes about marriage and the making of a home
  • The psychological preparation you make (or don’t make) for marriage
  • Your self-care (and I don’t mean self-pampering ~ I mean true care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs) leading up to the wedding
  • The choices you make during your engagement ~ about your relationship, about setting up housekeeping, about the wedding, etc.
  • The things you learn during this time ~ about yourself, about your future wife or future husband, about family, about homemaking, cooking, money management, or any other setting up housekeeping topic

These build the foundation of your early married life. Whatr you want your home to be then, you have to work toward now. Let this be a guiding principle in everything you do during your engagement in every Virtuous Weddings category.

But, what about after the wedding? The first year or two is probably just as much a part of getting married as is the six or twelve months before. While Virtuous Weddings isn’t a homemaking site,  one of its aims is to help you get started Making a Home. 


What’s in this section? Not much right now! Here’s the idea:

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