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It's never too early to start preparing!


  • Start a hope chest!
  • Read up on motherhood issues. Don't wait until you are a mother-to-be to read books and articles written for mothers.
  • Improve your health.
  • Develop patience!

Various Motherhood Topics

See also the Parenthood category.

Women's Health, Fertility, and So Forth

Nothing yet . . .

Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Ministry of Midwifery by Patti A. Barnes, C.P.M. I've linked to the Foreword where you can see that the author of the foreword recommends the book for prospective mothers and fathers.

A directory of midwives (in the USA).


Why breastfeed? It's . . . .

  • Natural
  • Safe (except in rare cases)
  • Almost free (except for a few books and things)
  • The milk is always the right temperature
  • It's convenient ~ always there, always ready, and no bottles or formula to carry around
  • It helps the mother lose weight
  • It produces bonding between the mother and child

People are so funny! Who are we to think that we can improve on God's design? Although current formula feeding is a great improvement over the early days of bottle feeding, scientists are still discovering things that mother's milk contains that formula doesn't yet (and things it can't ever contain). Who knows what else they will discover?

More Whys

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