Setting Up Housekeeping

The wedding is only part of getting married!

Every new marriage creates a new home ~ and setting up housekeeping is no small task. It may be especially challenging when a young couple is setting up housekeeping for the first time (they have no experience and no stuff!) but merging households is also a tremendous challenge because the two people are set in their ways and have too much stuff!

Virtuous Weddings is here to help~ not just with gowns, favors, and vows, but with the task of establishing a home and setting up housekeeping.

These pages are principally about how to set up housekeeping for the first time. However, if this is not your first experience with having your own home you may still find some helpful information here.

Although I understand that family members may use these pages to assist their sons and daughters (etc.), all Setting Up Housekeeping sections are directed to brides and grooms.

Setting Up Housekeeping is primarily aimed at pre-wedding planning and preparation. What you can accomplish will depend on the number of months until your wedding and how much time you have to devote to these matters. Although I encourage you to devote significant time and effort to this planning and preparation, I don’t want to you feel discouraged (or inferior) if you can’t accomplish everything you want to, and I certainly do not intend for you to do everything I suggest. Just try to do that which is most desirable, most necessary, and will be the most helpful to you ~ given the time you have.

Have fun!


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