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Kitchen and Food

The kitchen is the center of the home,
nothing is more vital to housekeeping than food,
and kitchen work takes more of a homemaker's time than any other housekeeping task . . .

But what can be done in the months before marriage to prepare for this?

  • Improve your cooking skills.
  • Learn about cooking, food management, menu planning, nutrition, meal service, etc.
  • Collect recipes you and your future husband like to eat.
  • Acquire cookbooks, recipes, aprons, kitchen equipment, dishes, etc.
  • Assess your own food preferences and learn your future husband's.
  • Prepare for menu planning ~ acquire the tools, the knowledge, the methods, the recipes.
  • Prepare to acquire food ~ find co-ops, find farmer's markets, check out the grocery stores, make a pricebook, buy gardening books and canning equipment, etc.
  • Stock your pantry, if possible ~ and your freezer.
  • Plan menus and make sure you know how to prepare those foods ~ first impressions are lasting impressions, you know!


Food, Cooking, and Menus


Find Recipes (and info)

Some are the sites for cooking magazines (which also have recipes and information)
Taste of Home + Simple and Delicious + Cooking for 2 + Healthy Cooking
Cooking Light
Vegetarian Times

Tools and Fun Stuff


The Kitchen

Got your tools?


The Dining Room

Set your table!


Food Management

Buying, storing, etc.

Food safety information at the FDA

Food safety information at the USDA


Building Your Pantry

Bringing Food from Afar (and somewhat nearby too)

"She bringeth her food from afar" ~ Proverbs 31:14

Something Better Natural Foods ~ Bulk natural foods at excellent prices. Mail order. Also delivers to some locations.

Locally grown foods directory ~

Stocking Up

Are you interested in stocking you pantry before you get married? Of course, you need to live close to where you will live after you are married to do this, but if that's the case, visit the Building Your Pantry page for more ideas and resources!


Eating for Health

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Search the USDA Nutrient Database to find out what is in a certain food.
Or find out which foods contain a particular nutrient and how much.


Other Resources


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