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Building Your Pantry

Building your pantry during the period of your engagement?

Things to Consider

  • Your diet
  • Planned menus for first month or so (if you are making them)
  • Storage in new home (how much? what kind?)
  • How often you will buy food, as well as what forms and from where
  • Storage before you can enter your new home (if you will need it)
  • Time and money you have to invest
  • Will you grow, preserve, or make food to help build your pantry?

Tips and Ideas

*For every pantry staple that you use only one of over a period of time (for example, cooking oil, cornstarch, cooking spray, sugar, etc.) you need at least two at all times ~ one in use and one extra in the pantry. That means that when you start your pantry you need to buy two of these items, not just one!

*For items you expect to use more of, estimate the number/amount you expect to use in an average week. Multiply that number or amount by the number of weeks you want to be able to go without buying that item. For example, if you expect to use about two cans of mushrooms a week and you only want to shop once a month, you would need ten cans to start your pantry and need to buy eight to ten cans each time you shop (2 cans x 5 weeks= 10 cans).

*Always pay attention to the length of time an item can be stored AND to the "use by" date on the package.



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