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Sources of Old-fashioned Nightgowns

Need an old-fashioned nightgown or two but can’t find what you want? Don’t have time to make them? Here you go!


Sources of Old-fashioned Nightgowns (The Bride's Trousseau)



Maybe. Probably a seasonal item. I’ve both found them there and not.


Gehman’s Country Fabrics

Nightgowns are ready-made (and hand-made). “. . . comfortable, modest, and durable.”


Made-to-order. Graceful Threads is “a modest clothing boutique featuring classic, historic and artistic designs for women and girls.”


Long, old-fashioned nightgown with long, elbow, or short sleeves. Made to order.
Ladies made-to-order nightgowns.
Made-to-order old-fashioned nightgowns. Sometimes ready-made as well.
 Ladies’ old-fashioned nightgown. Made-to-order.
Maybe. Probably a seasonal item. I’ve both found them there and not.
Offers a variety of nightgown styles, including long, old-fashioned nightgowns.
A variety of old-fashioned and not so old-fashioned nightgowns. Both made-to-order and ready-made.
A variety of nightgowns. Some styles may be seasonal.
Stay warm and cozy next winter!

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