The Goods Steps: Step 4

Haven’t we already done this? Nope! “Things we need” and “things we need to acquire” are two separate steps!

Goods Step 4 is the fourth step in a step-by-step guide to acquiring what you need to set up housekeeping.

Did you miss Step 1?

The Goods Steps ~ Step 4: Make a List of What You Need to Acquire

This step is a comparison of what you need to set up housekeeping with what you already have. Either of you can do this, or if you have multiple lists (different categories) you can divide them up.

The point is to compare your list of things you need to set up housekeeping with your list of things you already own, in order to determine what you still need.

What You Need to Set Up Housekeeping Minus What You Have

One category at a time, mark items on your “Need” list that you already have.

  • If you have it all, you could use a check mark.
  • If you made your “Need” list in a spreadsheet program, you might put and “H” in front of things you have (as opposed to your priority mark ~ A, B, C, etc.).
  • You could also put “Have” in a column after the item is listed.

If you only have part of what you need for a particular entry, you might split entries ~ one entry you mark “Have” and one you don’t.

Or you could create a column after the item that says “Need” and one that says “Have” then put the appropriate numbers in each column. For example, you have one set of sheets but still need two more.

Here’s an example:

Goods Step 4 spreadsheet

Now you have a list of what you need to acquire rather than a list of everything you need to own. It’s like the difference between “a list of things we eat” and a grocery-shopping list!

This list will let you know what you need so that you can:

  • Plan your purchases
  • Register for gifts
  • And let gift-givers know what you need when they ask.

And that’s what comes next!

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