The Wedding

What is a wedding?

Is it a great big party? A bash? A fashion show? A way to impress your friends? An excuse to spend thousands of dollars you don’t have because it only happens once (who are they kidding anyway~ it usually happens more than once!)?

I don’t think so.

A wedding is the ceremony that unites a man and a woman, with solemn vows before God and man, in holy matrimony for a lifetime, and the celebration with family and friends of the beginning of that unity.

It is a holy, happy occasion, that should be characterized by love, happiness, peace, joy, modesty, simplicity, sincerity, beauty, purity, and solemnity. What a different picture this is from most of the wedding world! Virtuous Weddings is here to help you create this picture ~ to help you have a Godly wedding and one that is a true blessing.

Have fun planning a lovely wedding!


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