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Dressing the Bride

Are you having trouble finding a modest wedding gown? Or, are you just trying to find one you really like? I am trying very hard to help ladies with this problem. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Things to Consider

  • The dress
  • The veil
  • The headpiece
  • The hair
  • The shoes
  • The gloves
  • The purse or bag
  • The outerwear (coat, cape, or shawl)
  • The slip
  • The hosiery
  • The other undergarments
  • The skin care
  • The nail care
  • The emergency kit
  • The rehearsal outfit
  • The going away outfit

The Dress

One good option is having your gown made, either by a family member or by a hired seamstress. Older patterns sometimes provide more coverage and can be obtained either used or new from online shops.

Are you making a gown, veil, or accessory, either for yourself or someone else? Visit Sewing for the Bride.

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