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Gifts includes:

  • Engagement gifts (entirely optional)
  • Gifts given at showers
  • Wedding gifts
  • Attendant gifts (thank-you gifts given to attendants)
  • Thank-you gifts given to family, friends, or others who have helped out with the wedding
  • Engagement cards, wedding cards, and cards given at a shower
  • Thank-you cards
  • The thank-you notes sent to everyone who gives a wedding or shower gift


For the Bride and Groom . . .

This means deciding on their personal style, home decorating style, colors, etc., as well as what household items they need so that they can
a) answer inquiries,
b) make wish lists and gift suggestion lists (or so that their mothers can), and
c) register for gifts.

It means opening gifts, thanking givers for gifts, taking care of gifts, and exchanging gifts if necessary.

For Family and Friends . . . (moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, attendants, aunts, etc.)

This means (depending on who you are) helping the couple make decisions about what they need and what they like, answering inquiries and giving gift suggestions, giving gifts (especially things guests that don't know them well won't think of), hosting showers, helping store and take care of gifts, helping them register for gifts, taking gifts home after the reception, and otherwise helping out.

For Wedding Guests . . .

This means finding out what the couple need or would like, buying (or making) gifts or cards, sending gifts or bringing them to the wedding, possibly attending showers, and hosting a shower if desired.


The Gifts section covers the bride and groom's tasks and concerns, as well as those of their immediate family. See also: Family and Friends.


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