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Planning and Organization

Plan, get organized, and stay organized!

How does planning a Christian wedding differ from planning any other kind of wedding? Well, it doesn't necessarily differ much except that the wedding may take place in a church, the ceremony is performed by some form of "clergy," and the ceremony may contain scripture readings and prayer.

Yet, my understanding of Christianity demands that it differ greatly. My religion affects every area of my life. It dictates what I do, what I read, what I see, what I think about (and this is not troublesome at all!). A Christian wedding, then, is not merely a style of wedding. It is a wedding of Christians and our weddings should be as different from other weddings as we are different from the world.

The principles of a Virtuous Wedding are purity, modesty, simplicity, practicality, sincerity, loveliness. Are these characteristics of the typical wedding? Will they be the characteristics of yours? Let these principles guide you through the wedding planning process and I truly believe you will have a beautiful, Godly wedding.

Things to Consider

  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiating
  • Delegating
  • Communicating
  • Researching
  • Wedding planners and guides
  • Services and rentals
  • Managing lists
  • Managing timelines
  • Organizing information
  • Organizing stuff
  • Organizing shopping
  • Making timelines and lists
  • Making charts and checklists

See The Big Picture for some important initial planning information.

Planning and Organization Tools

  • Digital Camera ~ Let your camera be your memory by taking pictures of things you like and want to remember.
  • Totebag ~ To carry all your planning stuff.
  • File box, file folders ~ To keep your ideas and plans organized. Store charts, receipts, pages from magazines, checklists, brochures.
  • Telephone book (yellow pages) ~ To find what you need, of course!
  • Internet access ~ Research, research, research, and shopping, too. Since you're reading this, I assume you have regular Internet access. I'm just encouraging you to make good use of it!
  • Computer with word processing and spreadsheet programs ~ Keep track of to do lists, make a guest list, make your own checklists and charts, maintain a timeline.
  • Printer ~ Print articles, charts, checklists, to do lists, etc.
  • Binder Notebook(s), notebook paper, sheet protectors, hole punch, etc. ~ To make a wedding planning notebook.


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