10 Tips for Stress Relief {For the Bride}

Stress getting to you? Here are ten tools you can use to help relieve stress!



10 Tips for Stress Relief (For the Bride)


#1 Take a shower.

Somehow the warm water is calming. It also helps you slow down and concentrate on one thing for a while!


#2 Take a warm bath . . .

. . . and soak for a while. Don’t plan while you soak!


#3 Take a few deep breaths . . .

. . . of the freshest air you can find.


#4 Close your eyes . . . 

. . . and intentionally relax for a few seconds.


#5 Go for a brisk walk. . .

. . . or bicycle ride, if you prefer.


#6 If it’s too cold outside . . . 

. . . do some type of brisk exercise indoors.


#7 Take a cat nap in a sunny spot.

Listen to relaxing classical music while you rest.


#8 Give your problems (and to do list) to God.

Don’t just tell Him about them. Hand them over and don’t take them back.


#9 Get enough sleep every night.

If you wake up only with the aid of an alarm clock (or another person) you are not getting enough sleep ~ and no wonder you are having trouble functioning!


#10 Drink some water (or some more water).

Dehydration can increase irritability and dullness (I find that I cannot handle ANYTHING when I am needing water. My family might as well just put me to bed because I am of no use!).


What works for you?




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