10 Ways to Say Thank You

After the wedding, there will be more “thank-you’s” than just that huge stack of thank-you notes to write to gift givers.


Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and others deserve a special thank you too. They’ve all pitched in or been there for you in some way and you want them to know you appreciate them.



You don’t just want them to know. You want to tell them. But how? Without spending a fortune? Here are ten ways you can say thank-you to all those special people. You don’t have to stick to just one. Some are free, some are cheap, and some are more costly so that you can find thank-yous and thank you gift ideas to suit your budget.


10 Ways to Say Thank You ~ wedding thank you and thank you gift ideas.


#1 A Card

Whether a simple blank card with a note or a thank you card that says it all, a card is always an appropriate way to say thank you.

#2 Money or Gift Card

If you have more money than they do, a monetary gift may be appreciated (especially if they’ve spent money on you!). A gift card is a great way to give a gift when you don’t know what to give.  

#3 Gift

An actual gift ~ if you can think of something appropriate ~ is a special way to say thank you.   See also: 11 Proverbs 31 Themed Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids for more thank you gift ideas.

#4 Handmade Gift

Not for every giver (or recipient) but awesome when you can do it!  If you knit, see Quick List: 18 Knitted Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

#5 Hospitality

Invite them over for dinner after you get settled in your new home. Your parents would probably love this!  

#6 Just Say It

Nothing says thank you better than simply saying “Thank you.”  

#7 A Phone Call

Call them up a week or two after the wedding to tell them what you think of them and how much you appreciate their help. Hint: call your parents sooner! 😉  


10 Ways to Say Thank You ~ wedding thank you and thank you gift ideas


#8 A Hug or a Handshake

To go along with your “thank you.” 

#9 Wedding pictures

Give them a framed professional shot. If if you can’t afford a frame, just give them the picture!

#10 Family portraits

Have your professional wedding photographer or someone else (who knows what they’re doing) take individual or family portraits of special people. Then share them!


Don’t forget to let those special people know how much you appreciate them (and their hard work)!



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