11 Proverbs 31 Themed Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Are you looking for bridesmaid gift ideas? Do all your girls aspire to be Proverbs 31 women? Why not choose a Proverbs 31 themed gift for each one?


Some of these gifts are more general and would work for most women. Others are specific to interests and needs. If you want to give the same gift to each bridesmaid, make sure it’s relevant to all!

11 Proverbs 31 Themed Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids



Note: I don’t do jewelry so I skipped that. It’s out there too. 😉


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#1 Framed Art

It doesn’t necessarily have to be framed if it’s on a canvas.

  • Buy something already framed.
  • Buy a print and frame it.
  • Buy a printable or use a free printable and frame it yourself.
  • Make the artwork yourself.
  • Embroider or cross stitch a piece and frame it (or buy one someone else made)


#2 Pillows

Buy a pillow with a verse on it or make your own pillows.


#3 Mugs

I’ve seen them! Wish I could remember where . . . . You could also make them yourself.


#4 T-shirts or Other Clothing

I haven’t seen much for this one—but you could probably have them custom made.


#5 Keyrings

I’ve seen these too!


#6 iPhone Cases

I’ve seen them! Not being the owner of an iPhone, I wouldn’t have thought of this one otherwise. 😉


#7 Totebags

I have seen examples. I’m sure there’s a do-it-yourself version out there somewhere too.



If you have a painfully low budget, go for something like nice bookmarks. If you like the idea but want to spend more, combine it with #9.


#9 Books

Either books about Proverbs 31 or books (along with a Proverbs 31 bookmark) that relate to the subject in some way.


#10 Journals

So they can write their own story! Buy or do-it-yourself.


#11 Craft Kits

If your bridesmaids are crafty, give them each a kit to make their own Proverbs 31 themed item.


Here are a few resources to help you in your gift search and creation:






Bible Gateway


Can you think of any more Proverbs 31 themed bridesmaid gift ideas?



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  1. These are some great ideas. My wife is going to her first bridal shower and she had no idea what to bring. I will have to show her this and see if it helps.

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