15 Random Ideas for a Christmas Themed Wedding Shower

Merry wedding shower! Or something like that . . . 😉

Do you have friends who are getting married soon and LOVE Christmas? Give them a Christmas themed wedding shower!



Christmas Themed Christian Wedding Shower Ideas


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#1 Coordinate With the Location

Coordinate the shower with the decor of the home (or other location) the shower is in. Or if there’s enough, just use what’s already there!


#2 Borrow Home Decor

Snitch Christmas decorations from your own home or others (with permission!) for a few hours.


#3 Borrow Church Decor

If the shower is at a church, see if you can use church Christmas decorations (even if they’re not currently in use in the fellowship hall).


#4 Eat Typical Christmas Food

If you want party food, plan it as if you were planning a Christmas party. If you want more substantial food (or a sit-down meal) make a mini Christmas dinner or mini Christmas Eve supper.


#5 Christmas Cookies, Anyone?

Make ’em and bring ’em, or make them at the party (er, shower).


#6 Decorate With Snow

If it’s cold where you are (or your guests of honor wish it was).


#7 Use Evergreens

Real or fake. Sprinkle them around the table or drape them above the couple’s chairs.


#8 Give Ornaments As Favors

Because it’s one of the most logical things you could possibly do. They don’t necessarily have to be pricey ones, either.


#9 Have Guests Wrap Gifts in Christmas Paper


#10 Just Use Pinterest

It’s very inspiring. The ultimate visual search engine, especially when you don’t even know what you’re looking for.


#11 Make It Sparkle


#12 Gift Like It’s Christmas

As hosts, throw in a few appropriate gifts.


#13 Play Christmas Music


#14 Use Christmas Cards As Invitations

Cheap ones, of course! You could print the actual invitation on paper or card stock and paste it inside the card.


#15 Have a Coloring Contest

Have a Christmas coloring page coloring contest, judged by the couple, of course.


Prepare Him Room - Medium Christmas Gift Bag

Prepare Him Room – Medium Christmas Gift Bag


Merry shower!



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