7 Quick and Easy Things to Sew for Your New Home

Looking for something quick and easy to sew for your new home? These ideas (and tutorials) might be just what you’re looking for!


Seven Quick and Easy Things to Sew for Your New Home ~ Virtuous Weddings


Envelope Pillow Cover

Do you have an old pillow you’d like to update? Make an envelope pillow cover. Of course, you can always buy a new pillow form too!



Tissue Holder

While tissue holders are usually to carry with  for when you leave home, not for the home itself, you can certainly be different if you want to. If you would like to have a tissue wherever you go in your home without having to carry it with you or put a box of tissues in every room, you could make tissue holders for different spots in your home.





If you’ve never used fabric coasters before you might want to try them out before you make more than one or two.


Reversible Placemats

Simple place mats, if you’re going to need those!


Hanging Hand Towel



Cloth Napkins

I suggest only making one or two napkins at first, for testing purposes. Why? 1) To make sure you like to use cloth napkins (if you’ve never used them before), 2) to make sure you like this style, 3) and to make sure you’re good with the fabric type you chose.


Make away! 🙂

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