A Guide to Virtuous Weddings’ Wedding Planning Boards

Virtuous Weddings’ has a lot of Pinterest boards! I have a hard enough time navigating them myself, and I made them!

Here’s a list of the wedding planning boards (as of April, 9, 2018) so you can go straight to what you’re looking for!


A Guide to Virtuous Weddings' Wedding Planning Boards


The Wedding Planning Boards


Wedding ~ Planning and Organization

Wedding ~ Details

Wedding ~ Ceremony

Wedding ~ Reception

Wedding ~ Food

Wedding ~ Cake

Wedding ~ Cake Alternatives  Alternative cake styles (like naked cakes) and alternatives to cake.

Wedding ~ Cake How-to

Wedding ~ Flowers

Wedding ~ Flowers How-to

Wedding ~ Favors

Wedding ~ Gifts {Managing}

Wedding ~ Gifts {Saying Thank-you}

Wedding ~ Memories

Wedding Crafts

Sewing for a Wedding

Dressing the Bride {informal} Inspiration Includes some actual resources but is mainly for inspiration for more informal weddings.

Dressing the Bride {formal} Inspiration  Includes some actual resources but is mainly for inspiration for more formal weddings.

Dressing the Bride ~ Actual Resources

Dressing the Bride ~ Hair and Veils

Dressing the Maids

Dressing the Girls  Flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

Girls in White {Handmade} Dresses

Dressing the Boys Ring bearers, Bible bearers, and junior groomsmen

Dressing the Men {informal} Inspiration Groom, groomsmen, dads.

Dressing the Mothers  Mother of the bride and groom.

Wedding Details ~ Fruit

Wedding ~ Spring Ideas

Wedding ~ Summer Ideas

Wedding ~ Fall Ideas

Wedding ~ Winter Ideas

Wedding Style ~ Fun

Wedding Style ~ Vintage

Wedding Style ~ No Frills and Loving It

My Wedding Style

Wedding Colors ~ Just White

Wedding Colors ~ Green and White

Wedding Colors ~ Beautiful Green

Wedding Colors ~ True Blue

Wedding Colors ~ Pretty Purple

Wedding Colors ~ Pink

Wedding Colors ~ Soft Pink

Wedding Colors ~ Rich Red

Wedding Colors ~ Orange Is the New Pink

Wedding Colors ~ All Things Yellow

Wedding Colors ~ Yellow and Green

Wedding Colors ~ Silver {Wedding} Bells


Some other Virtuous Weddings’ Boards of Interest:

Free Printables by Virtuous Weddings

The Principle of Simplicity

For the Bridesmaids

Showers ~ Decor

Showers ~ Food

Beach and Ocean Themed Wedding Showers


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