Virtuous Weddings is a project of Keeping Home, a business dedicated to promoting positive homekeeping and helping keep Christian homes healthy and happy.

The goals of Virtuous Weddings are:

  • To provide a wedding planning site that glorifies God in every way.
  • To help couples and families plan God-honoring wedding celebrations.
  • To provide information and resources related to weddings that meet the needs of individuals and families who seek to live Christ-centered, virtuous lives in obedience to the word of God.

Although we can be sure that I and each of my visitors who support these goals will not always agree on the particulars of what qualifies as meeting these goals, my visitors can, without question, expect to find on this website the principles of purity, modesty, simplicity, sincerity, honesty, practicality, true loveliness, true love, faithfulness, and godly womanhood and manhood firmly upheld, regardless of our differences upon these very matters, and shall expect to find worldliness, immodesty, pretentiousness, dishonesty, extravagance, lewdness, dissipation, and so forth, greatly avoided.

Virtuous Weddings is the place where marriage is a covenant relationship, weddings are lovely and pure, wedding dresses are modest, families are important, wives are homemakers, and there is more to getting married than having a big party!

It covers:

  • The Relationship

  • The Wedding

  • Setting Up Housekeeping

  • And more!

You might also be interested in my statement of faith and values (especially if you want to guest post!).

I hope this site is a blessing to many people . . . or any people.


Christina @ Virtuous Weddings

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