For the Bride: Things to Consider

I recommend that you have reserve a whole section of your planning (and planning notebook) just for yourself. Here’s what that’s for!


For the Bride: Things to Consider


Being You

You’re still you, wedding or no wedding. You still have responsibilities  other than those involved in getting married. Somehow, all of those things have to fit together with wedding and home planning, all within the same you!

Things to consider:

  • Nurture your spiritual life
  • Take care of yourself
  • Honor your parents
  • Love your loved-ones
  • Fulfill your responsibilities
  • Balance your brain ~ don’t overwork, over-plan, etc. Think about things other than your wedding or new home.


Preparing Yourself

A well-planned wedding and a nicely set up home are all fine and good but it’s two people who are getting married. One of those is you. Are you ready? Ready or not (who is ever 100% prepared in every way if we’re being perfectionists? No one), you can certainly be readier, personally, for your wedding, for your husband, for your own self as a wife and homemaker, for your honeymoon, for your homemaking duties, etc, if you spend some time preparing yourself.

While what you do during your engagement really depends on what you need to do, here are some areas you might want to consider:


  • Preparing your heart and mind (for getting married, wifehood, transitions, etc.). This one is, without question, the most important.
  • Practical preparation (like de-cluttering, finishing up projects, giving your car a thorough cleaning, or doing things you’ve always wanted to do with your family before you leave home and move across the country).
  • Taking care of your body and mind ~ now and in the future.
  • Beauty and grooming (whether that’s simplifying, upgrading, or problem solving).
  • Dress and wardrobe (such as upgrading, improving, or simplifying).
  • Preparing a trousseau




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