Christian Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for Summer

Are you planning a summer bridal shower and looking for theme ideas? Sure, you can have a generic bridal shower in the summer but what if you want something more exciting and more summery?

I’ve got nine summery bridal shower theme ideas for you. Some of them are very specific themes, while others are broad theme categories which you could develop in many different ways.

9 Christian bridal shower themes for summer |

Fruit of the Spirit

If your bride would enjoy a Biblical theme, she might like a bridal shower themed based on the Fruits of the Spirit. If you do like (pretty much) everyone else and connect the fruit of the Spirit with edible fruit, summer would be a great season for this theme. There’s nothing more summery than summer fruits!

A Bee Theme

Bees are kind of summery (not always in a good way, but let’s try to think of the cute bumblebees and honey-makers). How about a bee theme, such as “Meant to Bee” or “That’s my Honey”?

Summer theme

That’s right. Just make the theme summer. What does summer mean to you? Or more importantly, what does it mean to the bride?

What does summer look like?
What does it smell like?
What does it taste like?
What happens in summer?

Well, there’s your theme. Make your bridal shower summery! Maybe that means a cookout. Maybe it means watermelon. Maybe it means lots of brightly colored zinnias. Pull together all the bride’s favorite things about summer into one summery bridal shower!

Summer Picnic

One direction to take a summer theme is a summer picnic. You could literally have a picnic for the bridal shower, or if that’s not practical, you could have a summer picnic indoors. That is, pretend you’re having a summer picnic! Have picnic foods, decorate with a nostalgic picnic basket and quilts. Or, really, whatever summer picnic means to you (and the bride)!


Does the bride like to go to the beach every summer? Maybe she would like a beach themed bridal shower!

Farm or Garden

If the bride likes gardening, or the couple plan to farm or homestead, you might choose a garden, farm, or homestead based theme. There are so many summer ways you could do this!

Summer Harvests

This would be one way to do a gardening or homesteading theme. Focus on the foods (and flowers) that are harvested in the summer and build a shower theme around those. Decorate with produce from your own garden. Feed your guests delicious “farm fresh” summer dishes!

Berry Theme

Many berries are in season in the summer, making this sweet theme perfect for summer. You could make up some “juicy” sayings like, “Berry Lovely,” or “Berry Much In Love,” or skip the puns and just go for some serious berry loveliness.

Garden Party

Have a garden party in someone’s garden. If no acceptable garden is available, you could have an indoor/outdoor bridal shower (I’m thinking of dining room/deck or dining room and front porch). Enjoy the outdoors a bit and “garden up” the indoors with fresh or fake flowers and greenery.

And there you have it: nine very summery bridal shower theme ideas!

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