Christian Wedding Shower Theme Ideas for Summer

Are you planning a summer wedding shower and looking for theme ideas?

Sure, you can have a generic household shower in the summer but what if you want something more exciting? I’ve got nine summery wedding shower theme ideas for you. Some of them are very specific themes, while others are broad theme categories which you could develop in many different ways.

9 Christian wedding shower themes for summer |


That’s right. Just make the theme summer. What does summer mean to you? Or more importantly, what does it mean to the bride and groom? What does summer look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What happens in summer? Well, there’s your theme. Make it summery.

Maybe that means a cookout. Maybe it means watermelon. Maybe it means water balloon fights. Pull together all the couple’s favorite things about summer into one fun wedding shower!

Summer Picnic

One direction to take a summer theme is a summer picnic. You could literally have a picnic, or if that’s not practical, you could have a summer picnic indoors. That is, pretend you’re having a fun summer picnic! Have picnic foods, decorate with a nostalgic picnic basket and quilts. Or, really, whatever summer picnic means to you!


Summer is known for, well, summer vacations. Usually that means some kind of travel. If the bride and groom like to travel, take them on a fun vacation with your wedding shower theme!


Speaking of vacation/travel, you could, for example, go to the beach. Have a beach themed wedding shower. This theme is easy to find ideas for.


Are the bride and groom outdoorsy people? Unless their favorite things are winter sports, they probably do a lot of those outdoorsy things in the summer. Do they like to camp, hike, backpack, or canoe? Or do they just like being out it nature? Build a shower around their outdoor interests.

Farm or Garden

If the couple are interested in gardening, or plan to farm or homestead, then a garden, farm, or homestead theme would be perfect for summer.

A Bee Theme

Bees are kind of summery (not always in a good way, but let’s try to think of the cute bumblebees and honey-makers!). How about a bee theme, such as “Meant to Bee” or “That’s my Honey”?

Fruit of the Spirit

There’s nothing more summery than summer fruits. This would be a great time of year for a “fruit of the Spirit” theme if you do like (pretty much) everyone else and connect the fruit of the Spirit with edible fruit. Decorate with the fruits of the season and the fruits of the Spirit.

United We Stand

This one is for those (USA) couples whose favorite holiday is Independence Day, or who love patriotic themes. Bridge the gap between Americana and wedding showers with a “United we Stand” theme.

And there you have it: nine very summery wedding shower theme ideas!

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