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Tools on Tuesday Link-up

The Tools on Tuesday link-up is a tool for bloggers and a way for readers of Virtuous Weddings to find handy tools. That’s pretty much it!

It happens on Tuesday but not necessarily every week.

The Rules:

  1. A tool is a means of doing something else, a thing the reader can put to use to solve a problem or create something. It is not information, inspiration, narrative, or instruction in itself. A free printable (not merely a decorative sign or piece of art ~ although such could be a tool in some cases) is a great example. Other possibilities include: online calculators, searchable databases, charts, infographics, lists, formulas, and some guides. If you’re not sure, ask me first. A pattern or tutorial is not necessarily a tool. Other possible tools are well, real tools: scissors, wrenches, garlic presses, garden trowels and that sort of thing. I would consider a camera a tool also.

  2. Your post can provide a tool that you created. In this case the post author is providing the tool not telling about it. The tool needs to be free

  3. Or, it may explain how to use a tool (a computer program, online tool, office supply, etc.). For example, “How to use index cards to plan a bridal shower.”

  4. Or, it may be a review of a tool or a comparison of different tools (free or not).

  5. Or, it may be a giveaway of a tool. Include “giveaway” in the title of your link.
  6. The tool should be available to everyone unless it is a giveaway and you include {Giveaway} in your description here. You are completely responsible for the legality of your giveaway.

  7. The tool needs to be relevant to the Virtuous Weddings plan. It may be related to any category. General homemaking stuff must be relevant to engaged folks or newlyweds, or to families preparing for a wedding. Ask yourself if your tool will really be useful to Virtuous Weddings readers and if it really belongs here. It does not have to be designed for this audience it just needs to be adaptable to their needs. Just so you know, I love household notebooks, planners, and printables!

  8. Individual link-up posts will be in different categories, such as The Relationship, the Wedding, Setting Up Housekeeping, and For the Bride. It is most advantageous to both you and my readers if your post is relevant to that category.
  9. The post you link up must be generally in harmony with the principles and goals of Virtuous Weddings. It doesn’t have to be in perfect harmony but it does need to be appropriate for my target audience.

  10. Your blog must be generally in harmony with the principles and goals of Virtuous Weddings. It needs to be a place my visitors will be comfortable visiting. Content should be family friendly—except that, of course, you can talk about grown-up things as long as your content is not “adult” as the world defines it.

  11. Link back to the link-up post in your post (in a clear manner). Other link backs are appreciated but not required. You may use the image above (save and upload to your post) or a text link. If you use the image anywhere, the image itself must be linked (to the link-up post or this page).

  12. Follow or promote Virtuous Weddings in some way.


These rules are subject to change (especially while the link-up is just getting started) and I am experimenting with open times.


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