Feminine Floral Bridal Shower Invitations You Can Personalize

Looking for bridal shower invitation with floral designs that are super feminine? Take a look at these! You might find one that is perfect for the bridal shower you are hosting.

All of these designs are “personalizable” designs hosted and printed by Shutterfly. Most of them have options like paper type and trim. Trim means the way the edge is “trimmed:” Square corners, rounded corners, scalloped edge, etc.

The last category consists of designs that come in more than one color, so be sure to check those out even if you’re not thrilled with the picture included here. Also, the first design below (the square one) also comes in two different colors.

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Square and Horizontal Bridal Shower Invitation Designs

Vertical Bridal Shower Invitation Designs

Vertical Designs That Come in Multiple Colorways

Did you find what you’re looking for? If not, try poking around Shutterfly a bit more. You might find something I missed!

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