Five MORE Types of Wedding Shower Themes

Looking for the PERFECT wedding shower theme? And looking? And looking. . .?

You might have to invent it (or at least use something that isn’t trending right now).


Whether you’re planning a couple’s shower, a bridal shower, or a groom’s shower, this list will give you ideas and help you brainstorm the perfect theme.

Psst: this is the second “types of wedding shower themes” posts. The first one is here.


5 More Types of Shower Themes


 #1 A Theme Based on Time

Base your shower on a specific time of day, day of the week, or season of the year. You could even do a specific month of the year shower . . . like an “April shower” (hehe).

Or do an around-the-clock shower, day-of-the-week shower, or around-the-year shower.  You could assign guests specific days/times/seasons (depending on the theme you choose).


#2 A Theme Based On Something Written

Start with a Bible verse or Bible story ~ or just use the Bible as your theme. Or start with a favorite book, song, poem, or quotation. Or even build a theme around a collection of favorite quotes!  


#3 A Theme Based on Favorite Colors or Designs

Just use the recipient’s favorite colors to design the shower. If the theme extends to gifts, make sure they want that color in their home and have registered for gifts in that color. For a little more interest, choose a design element he or she likes: hearts, gingham, stripes, plaid, etc.  


#4 A Theme Based on Geography

Pick a place! From continent, to region, to country, to city, to famous spot, there’s really no end of options (although I’m pretty sure some would be hard to build a wedding shower around!). You could also do an around-the-world shower.  


#5 A Theme Based on a Non-home/General Activity

Focus on something the couple likes to do (or has to do), such as eating, relaxing, gardening, camping, traveling, reading.  


How many ideas can you come up with using these theme types?    


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