Five Types of Wedding Shower Themes

So you’re going to host a wedding shower or bridal shower (or groom’s shower?) but you want a theme . . . and you don’t know what theme you want! Maybe something . . . different?  This list will help you brainstorm!

There are five categories of wedding shower themes below, with lots of possibilities within each.


5 Types of Wedding Shower Themes


#1 A common or traditional theme.

This would be something typical and expected, such as a bridal tea or a basic household shower. This works just fine, although it’s definitely not “different”!


#2 A theme based on a specific home-related activity.

Maybe cooking or housecleaning. Guests buy the tools and supplies for that activity. More ideas: gardening, laundry, home maintenance, preserving, sewing.


#3 A theme based on a particular room or rooms within a house.

You could have a kitchen shower, a living room shower, a dining shower, or a bed and bath shower, for example. Or go for a household shower with a twist: an around-the-house shower (for which different each guest is assigned a room to buy gifts for).


#4 A theme that focuses on a particular holiday, celebration, or season.

Or one that covers all of them. Ideas: general celebration, Christmas, Thanksgiving, winter, spring, summer, fall. Gifts could be themed (Thanksgiving decor, gift wrapping supplies, things the couple would use in the fall, etc.) or not.


#5 A theme based on a particular “thing” or class of “things.”

This could be flowers, butterflies, pincushions, vintage china, frogs. . . . Whatever works! Choose something that is meaningful to the couple/bride/groom. Better yet, choose something they’ll like but that you already have, for frugal decor.

If it’s a theme they especially love, you could carry it through to the gifts.

More ideas: antiques, owls, birds, animals, fruit, vegetables, musical instruments, trains, books.


How many ideas can you come up with using these theme categories?





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