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Clothing and Accessories ~ Buying Ready-Made

Shopping for modest clothing, ready-to-wear (or made-to-order), for your


Shopping Locally

The best place to shop is in local stores, because you can see, feel, and try on the garments. Trying on is more important for some things than for others, of course!

Also, no shipping charges ~ but gas or transportation is not free!

  • Try thrift stores and consignment shops. You never know what you will find!
  • Shop sales, whenever possible, unless money is not an issue.
  • Stores that may be above your price range might not be during sales.


Shop Online

Shopping online may be a better option, perhaps because you live far from town, because of the convenience of shopping when you want to (and while you are doing something else), or because the local stores don’t have what you want.

These are some of my favorite places to look for modest and otherwise appropriate clothing (haven’t necessarily shopped, just looked). Some are intentionally modest, some are not. They include ready-to-wear and made-to-order shops.

There are a LOT of possibilities out there so I’ve decided to confine this list to sites I would look at if I were putting together a trousseau/wardrobe (and I had money!), at least for now. If you’re only looking for lingerie be sure to look at the lingerie online shopping guide.






Down East Basics

Hanna Andersson

Hannah Lise

Kate’s Camisoles



Old Pueblo Traders


Phyllis Jean

Ringger Clothing

The Tog Shop

Vermont Country Store

Willow Ridge




Graceful Threads

Lilies of the Field

Ringger Clothing


Don’t forget to check out the Guide to Finding Tasteful Lingerie (Online) Somewhat Modestly Presented!


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