“Gift Basket” Containers That Aren’t Baskets

Like the idea of a gift basket for a wedding shower gift? Did you know your container doesn’t have to be a basket? That’s right! You can use the same concept with many different types of containers.

Maybe you’ll still call it a gift basket . . . or maybe you’ll call it a “gift bowl” or “gift bucket.” Either way, it’s a fun way to give a collection of smaller gifts! Read on for lots of container ideas. I’ve included examples of most of them but, of course, you may prefer to shop at your favorite retailers. No problem! But perhaps these will spark some ideas!

There are so ,any options I just had to stop looking!

Tips for Selecting Containers

1) Match the size of the container to your budget. Bigger containers hold more stuff!
2) Coordinate the style of the container with the style of the contents. Pretty containers get pretty things to go in them. More utilitarian containers (like trash cans and plastic bins) get more utilitarian stuff (like cleaning supplies, for example).
3) Match the contents to the purpose of the container. For example, a laundry basket gets laundry or housekeeping supplies, a mixing bowl get kitchen gadgets, a desk organizer gets office supplies.

Gift Basket Containers for Wedding and Shower Gifts That Aren't Baskets

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Bowls make great “gift basket” containers!

Mixing Bowls

Use a mixing bowl as a container for miscellaneous baking tools and supplies, for a baking kit, or just for random kitchen stuff.

Serving Bowls

Serving bowls are generally on the smaller side (especially when you’re buying a serving bowl for a family of two, right?) but they can still work. Fill a serving bowl with things like serving utensils, a salt shaker set, cloth or paper napkins, or small trivets.


A colander is a great container for a spaghetti dinner kit, but works for random kitchen stuff as well.

Cookware and Bakeware

I think the key here is to choose something without a lid. Gift basket contents are supposed to stick out of the basket and a lid would make that rather tricky. 😉

Storage Containers

Kitchen Storage

Yes, these have lids, but I think they could work as long as the lid will fit inside the container. Think rectangle containers with a bit of height to them. Not a pretty option, really, but neither is a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies . . . but it’s been done before!

Oh! And food storage containers often come in sets . . . but feel free to break up a set!

Plastic Storage Bins

Same here. Choose containers that are longer than they are wide, with a bit of height, so that the lid will fit inside.


From mini decorative buckets to large (and ugly) utility buckets!

Trash Cans

Great containers for household supplies, cleaning tools, and other utility items. Match the size of the trash can to your budget . . . or make it a group gift.

Not Your Typical Basket

So, yes, these are technically baskets but NOT the usual gift basket type!

Laundry Baskets

Fill a laundry basket with household supplies like laundry detergent, paper towels, cleaning cloths, etc. Or make it a group gift and fill it with laundry tools (iron, mini ironing board?) and supplies.

Fruit Baskets

Fill with non-perishable food or dining/kitchen supplies.

Desk Organizers

The perfect container for tiny office supplies. This is a great budget-friendly gift basket idea. A small desk organizer doesn’t hold much, and pens, paper clips, and sticky notes don’t cost much!

Plastic Storage Baskets and Crates

Waste Baskets

Fill with waste. Just kidding. 😉 I would choose other small items that match the style of the waste basket. Pick a room for a theme. Bathroom? Office?

I’m sure there are many more container options (bags? boxes?) yet to be explored! My brain is overflowing with gift “basket” ideas. How about yours?

Share your non-basket gift basket ideas in the comments below!

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