Bridal Shower Gifts for the Pretty Much Clueless Cook

Is someone near you getting married soon who isn’t quite ready to feed her new family with ease? Help her out with one of these gifts for new cooks!


Bridal Shower Gifts for the New Cook


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#1 Recipe Cards With Your Favorite Easy Recipes

What are the absolute easiest things you make? Things that require no special skills, ingredients, or tools, and take few ingredients? Even things you don’t need a recipe for but a new cook might?

Get those onto pretty (or plain) recipe cards and you’ve got a great gift!


#2 Cooking Basics Laminated Reference Guide

“Cooking Basics  is a laminated reference guide full of useful kitchen tips and information that every cook will want to keep handy. Approximately 8.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide, the guide folds out accordion-style with 12 panels of information on measuring, equivalent measurements, cooking terms, substitutions, and food storage tips for the pantry and refrigerator. There also are basic guidelines for how to hardboil an egg and how to cook brown rice, white rice, and pasta.”


Cooking Basics
Cooking Basics

from: Leisure Arts, Inc.


You could also make your own laminated reference guide if you know more about what the bride needs than Leisure Arts does.


#3 A Cooking Notebook

With your cooking and kitchen tips, family recipes (if you’re part of her family), and other information. Tailor it to her needs and cooking for two.


#4 A Class On Cooking Vegetables

Gift her this online class from Craftsy. The class includes sauteing, blanching, roasting, stir-frying, steaming, and more! Ten lessons for $39.99.



#5 A Few Full Coverage Aprons

If anyone needs them, it’s the inexperienced cooks. The people who don’t know that spaghetti sauce jumps out of the pot onto the cook without the lightest provocation.

If you don’t sew, you might try Etsy, starting here and here.


#6 Light Basics Cookbook

The sub-title may not be 100% true (for everyone) but it is a thorough cookbook any new cook can get started with.

“Light Basics is an all-in-one cookbook for today’s healthy cooking. Filled with step-by-step cooking instructions and more than 250 delicious recipes (each with a complete nutritional analysis), it provides the fundamentals of eating well and eating healthy. Martha Rose Shulman explains how to incorporate fresh foods and more healthful ingredients into your everyday cooking, while cutting down on fat and calories. If you’re trying to eat healthy, Light Basics provides a one-stop kitchen companion for beginner and experienced cook alike! “

Light Basics Cookbook: The Only Cookbook You’ll Ever Need If You Want To Cook Healthy


#7 A Cooking Kit

A sewing kit (usually) comes with the pattern and materials, and sometimes everything you need, including thread. So, make a cooking kit based on that concept: the recipe and all the ingredients.

You could even throw in extra hints and tips, and some of the tools she’ll need.  If you don’t include everything, be specific about exactly what she’ll need.


Some ideas:

Spaghetti dinner kit

Oatmeal raisin cookie kit

Biscuit kit

Pancake breakfast kit


Bridal Shower Gifts for the New Cook


#8 Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

The latest edition of a classic.


Better Homes and Gardens: New Cook Book, 16th Edition


So what would YOU give a pretty much clueless cook? Share your ideas!


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