Goods Step Six: Register for Gifts

A wedding registry is an optional but common step in the process of getting married . . . and of getting the goods you need to set up housekeeping!

Goods Step 6 is the sixth step in a step-by-step guide to acquiring what you need to set up housekeeping.

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The Wedding Registry

If you’re unenthusiastic about registering for gifts don’t rule it out too quickly. It’s not greedy or materialistic or impersonal. If your guests are Virtuous Weddings type people they are giving you a gift not merely to express themselves but to benefit you. Registering for wedding gifts lets guests know what you really need and like. It’s especially useful for sets of things in a specific color or pattern: china, flatware, linens, etc. Guests usually expect it and it is a convenience to them–as long as you don’t insist that they buy from it or push your registry information on them.

The Goods Steps ~ Step 6: Register for Gifts

Make Your Plan

If you’ve completed the other goods steps you already have a good idea of what items you need to register for. But that’s just the beginning! You also need to know:

Where you’re going to register: which store or stores.

How you’re going to register: online or in store, together or separately, all at once or in stages.

When you’re going to register, and when you’re going to register for what.

What you’re going to register for: specific items and quantities, prices ranges, etc. Some things you can just go to the store and pick out. Other things, like tableware and appliances, you’ll want to give more thought.

How you’re going to keep track of your registry: will you check it? Update it? Will you have someone else check it and update it for you so you’ll still be surprised when you open your gifts?

How you’re going to let others know about it: which family members need this information because they’re likely to be asked?

Finding Gift Registries

Here’s a list of some wedding/gift registries.

Check your favorite stores. Every major department store or housewares store will have a registry. And a lot of other stores do to!

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