Goods Step Eight: Reevaluate and Acquire Still Needed Goods

Step 8 is the Post-Wedding part of the Goods Steps.

Goods Step 8 is the last step in a step-by-step guide to acquiring what you need to set up housekeeping. You’ll find all the posts in this series in The Goods Steps: an Overview.

What’s missing? Maybe nothing. If you followed all the Goods Steps you probably have most of what you need to at least start housekeeping. You may have everything you’ll need for a long time! However, it’s time to step back, reevaluate, and get anything else you need.

The Goods Steps ~ Step 8: Reevaluate and Acquire Still Needed Goods

Wrap It Up!

After the wedding, go over your goods and your lists.

Make sure you’ve opened all your wedding gifts. Don’t forget (or fail) to note who gave you what and to thank them properly. Do you have a wedding gift record sheet?

Update your lists or spreadsheets with anything you received or bought since the last time you updated them.

Do you have everything you need? If not, plan how and when to get what’s left using Step 7.

Have any promised gifts not arrived yet? Don’t buy anything that’s on it’s way!

Take advantage of registry completion perks. If you registered for gifts but didn’t get everything you registered for (and you still need them), take advantage of registry completion perks (such as % discount). There will be a deadline so don’t procrastinate!

You’re done!

Congratulation on getting the goods you need to set up housekeeping in an organized manner!

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