Goods Step Three: Consolidate Your Goods

Goods Step 3 is the third step in a step-by-step guide to acquiring what you need for setting up housekeeping. You can find the series overview (with all published posts) here.

This step is about combining your goods. In reality, you may not be able to start literally combining your goods at this early stage. The point is to combine them on paper so you’re working with ONE list of what you need to acquire, and then to combine them physically as you are able to.

This is where “what I have” becomes “what we have.” When your final “What I Have” lists are finished, sit down together and compare your lists.

The Goods Steps ~ Step 3: Consolidate Your Goods

What You’re Looking For

Duplicates you don’t need. Do you really need two ironing boards?

Items that aren’t quite what you need, and therefore, you would be better off replacing. Some examples:

  • Things that are worn out and not really doing their job anymore
  • Things that don’t fit your style anymore (or maybe never did)
  • Things that never really worked to begin with or that you never liked

In other words, anything you’d be better off without or that you would like to replace. Get rid of those extra items as you are able to.

Decide What To Do With the Things You Don’t Want to Keep

Next, decide what you are going to do with the items you cross off your list and when your are going to do it.

What ~ throw it away, sell it, give it away? Where or how will you sell it? Who will you give it to?

When ~ immediately? Whenever you can? Only after you are married (because you need it until then)?

Make a New Categorized List of What You Have

Make your final categorized list of what you have from everything that remains on your individual lists. You will need this list for the next step.

Physically Consolidating Your Goods

As it becomes possible and reasonable, physically consolidate your goods. You may not be able to do any of this until after you are married, but if you do have the opportunity to move anything to your new home in advance, you might find it more convenient to do so.

If you will be moving cross-country after the wedding your might consider packing together so that, for example, “his” and “her” kitchen items are together. That would certainly make moving in easier! Of course, if you don’t live near each other, that’s impossible. Do what works!

Now you’re done!

Your new list will be a much better guide for determining what you still need for setting up housekeeping. On to step four!


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