Have You Considered a Remote or Online Bridal Shower?

What!? How does that work?

Well, probably not as good as a traditional, in-person bridal shower. However, if friends and family are scattered far and wide (even all the way around the world) it could be the next best thing to a “real” bridal shower!

Now with this whole “social distancing” thing the spring of 2020 brought us, there may be other reasons too. Granted, you could postpone the bridal shower in a case like this (a universal quarantine), but that may or may not be the best option. If everyone is well, you might go ahead with a bridal shower just as a distraction!

Have you considered a remote or online bridal shower?

Whether you call it a remote bridal shower, a long-distance bridal shower, or an online bridal shower, the idea has potential.

Why a Remote Bridal Shower?

Quarantines aside, what are some other reasons you might choose a remote bridal shower?

  • You want to throw a bridal shower for a loved one you don’t live near and can’t visit.
  • There are friends and family you’d like to have at a bridal shower but they can’t travel that far or at that time.
  • You want to connect far-flung friends and family.
  • Some people who would be natural guests at your shower are home-bound, nursing home bound, or hospital-bound.
  • Somebody’s under quarantine (for a while, quarantines were a thing of the past for most of us, but moving forward that may be a thing of the past!).

How Would a Remote Bridal Shower Work?

There are probably about as many options for a remote bridal shower as for regular bridal showers. I’m thinking of a few basic options:

  • Have a regular bridal shower but include remote guests with some type of video conferencing.
  • Connect the bride (and probably the hostess) with all other guests via video conferencing. The bride would open gifts on camera.
  • Start a Facebook group and do a live of the bride with everyone else interacting.
  • Start a Facebook group and have a party without live video, just with pictures and interaction.
  • Some type of slower, not-in-real-time option using mail, email, and or telephones.

Some Key Differences Between a Remote Bridal Shower and a Normal Bridal Shower

  • Food. Food has to be the biggest difference of all. You could completely skip it or pick a theme and have everyone make their own food according to the theme. Or, if you’re having a regular bridal shower but including local folks who can’t attend, have someone take them part of the food ahead of time.
  • Decorations. All of your communications and means of interaction (such as a Facebook group) could certainly be “decorated.” The brides location could have physical decorations.
  • Gifts. Mostly likely, guests would send gifts ahead to be opened by the bride on camera.

I admit, I’m overwhelmed by the thought (good thing I’m not planning one right now!). I think I’ve only read one article on the subject (which is where I got the idea) and that was years ago. I don’t even know where I read it! I’m definitely going to be looking into this topic further.

Got Questions?

If you were going to consider a remote bridal shower, what would you want to know?

But If You Need to Have One RIGHT NOW. . .

The shortest route to an “emergency” remote bridal shower: Have guests send gifts to the bride’s home. Create a Facebook group (private, of course). Set up a nice film location in the bride’s home (or the hostess’ home). Do a Facebook live. Play some games (if you do prizes, you could do digital stuff). Have guests leave their advice for the bride in comments. Watch the bride open gifts. Have fun chatting!

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