Home Decorating: Things to Consider

“Home decorating” isn’t about following the instructions in a magazine or adding embellishments to each room in your home. Instead, it’s about making your home look, feel, and smell “homey.”


Here are several things  to consider while setting up housekeeping. 


Home Decorating: Things to Consider


#1 Home Repairs or Remodeling

Do you need to paint? Replace floor coverings? Repair holes in the walls?


#2 Home Furnishings

Beds, storage, tables, chairs, etc. What do you need? How will you get it? What kind of budget do you have to work with?


#3 Home Accents

Accessories, artwork, etc. You probably don’t want to get everything for your home all at once (but instead, gradually work on making your home like you want it after you move in). You will , however, want to think about what you want your home to be like and what you need right now for comfort or convenience.


#4 Colors and Style

What is and isn’t your style, colors you like, color schemes you want to use, etc.


#5 Budget and Other Resources

What do you have to work with? How much time and money will you spend on different things?


#6 Goals and Plans

Your goals for before the wedding as well as long-term goals. What you plan to do and how you plan to do it.


#7 Wedding Gifts

Gift buyers will want to know what you need, as well as colors and styles that you like. What will you register for?


#8 Acquiring Goods

Buying, repairing, or making things for your new home.


#9 Research and Learning

Any reading, research, or other learning you need to do in order to accomplish your objectives.


Have fun!




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