Housing: Things to Consider

Housing is about finding your spot and making it work. It’s a pretty big deal and may be overwhelming. Here are the main things to consider.
Housing: Things to Consider


Deciding where you want to live (or need to live).

Will you rent or buy? Or build?

Finding a place to live and making the necessary arrangement to obtain it.

Paying for the home.

Fixing up the place (anything from a simple cleaning before moving in to major remodeling)

Fixing up the yard, landscaping, and fixing up any outbuildings.

Setting up and managing services: electricity, gas, oil, phone, trash, water, etc.

Planning and preparing for taking care of your home

Planning and preparing for keeping up with the bills: rent, electricity, gas, water, etc.

Taking care of your spot (and paying the bills) until you get married.


Here’s to “home, sweet home!”



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