Ideas for Summer Bridal Showers

Looking for summery bridal shower ideas for a summer bridal shower? Check these out!

While there are many bridal shower ideas that are appropriate for summer bridal showers, if you’re planning a summer bridal shower and want some seasonal tips and ideas, here you go!

11+ Christian Bridal Shower Ideas for Summer

Summery Locations and Styles

Pick a location and style that fits the season!

Have the Shower Outdoors

Have the wedding shower in your yard, a park, or your church’s lawn.

Choose an Outdoorsy Theme (Even If Outdoors Is Not An Option)

Even if you can’t (or don’t want to) have an outdoor shower, you can incorporate the summer outdoor lifestyle into a shower. What about a summer picnic theme for the bride who loves picnics? Or a summer garden theme?

Summer Themes

A garden theme or a flower theme would be great, or just a general “Everything the bride loves about summer” theme. Find more ideas here: Summer Bridal Shower Theme Ideas.

Flower Theme

If you choose a flower theme, you could decorate with fresh flowers but you could also decorate with Tissue Paper Flowers or Crepe Paper Flowers. You could also make some flowers during the shower as one of the activities!

Summer Color Schemes

Trying to pick colors for your shower? Here are a few summery ideas.


Summer is a great time for pink! Need some pink party supplies?
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Water Colors

Summer is the season for oceans, lakes, and pools. And creeks and rivers. Well, some of those colors aren’t so special. Passing by the browns, grays, and murky greens, you could go with an aqua or other blue-green color (like teal or turquoise), reminiscent of the brightest and prettiest manifestations of water during the summer season.

Color palette with colors drawn from photos of water, pool, and beach.


Unless you live where summers are brown, summer is a very green season, making green a lovely color choice.

Favorite flowers

Think of favorite summer flowers and the colors those represent. It might be bright zinnias . . . or it might be pastel yellows and pinks, the white of daisies and phlox, or all the purple petunias.

Of course, the actual color scheme you choose will have to depend on the decorations available. However, if you want something a bit unusual and the party supplies at your local stores aren’t helpful, you could go for neutral color supplies like white (or possibly light brown or green) or even clear for some supplies, and get your color elsewhere. Instead of getting your color at a party supplies store, your color might come from a craft store, a farmer’s market, or your back yard.

Summery Decor

Summer decor ideas!

Cut From Your Yard or Garden

Flowers and greenery from your yard or a friend’s yard.

Use produce from your own garden for décor. Got hydrangeas? Use hydrangeas! Got dill? Use dill!

Photo collage of flower and greenery you might pick from your garden or yard.

Seasonal Produce

Use seasonal produce to decorate, even if you don’t have access to free stuff. You can always eat it later! Use what’s currently in your garden or see what farmer’s markets have to offer.

What’s On Sale In Summer?

Think about upcoming holidays and themes, especially when it comes to party supplies and decorations. Can you grab things for your shower while they’re on sale? You don’t have to use all the colors in those color schemes. Just pick what’s appropriate.

Summer Tips

Here are a few tips for summer bridal showers.

Watch Out for the Heat

Make sure you’re prepared to keep cold foods cold, both for food safety and for eating pleasure.

What time of day is the shower? Will it be too hot to be outdoors?

If it’s hot, how can you cool people down? Think about serving cool drinks, cold food (like salads and sandwiches, and chilled deserts).

Be Careful of the Critters

While outdoor parties can be nice, there are also a lot of creatures out there that might show up uninvited. I’m thinking especially of the smallest ones, like ticks, mosquitoes, and ants. Make sure your guests and their food are protected. Be prepared for the pests that you’re like to encounter!

While having an indoor shower will stop most of the critter problems, if guests are wandering in and out you may still have some small, uninvited critters show up. Just be prepared to fight, if necessary!

If you’re bringing flowers or greenery in from your yard, bring them in soon enough that you have time to process them in a suitable location so you can remove any ants, slugs, or other hangers-on that may have come in with them. You don’t want them showing up for lunch!

Take Advantage of Seasonal Produce.

If you have a garden, use what’s available right now. Overrun with tomatoes? Well . . . . Tomato recipes and ideas on Pinterest.

If you don’t have a garden, in season produce will be more cost effective and things that are currently in season where you live are a perfect fit for a summer party.

And there you have it: 11+ tips and ideas for a summer bridal shower!

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