Lavender Party Supplies

Planning a bridal shower? Lavender one of your colors? Start with these lavender party supplies!

Lavender Party Supplies for Bridal Showers
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Table Covers and Table Skirts

Tip: If you want your party supplies to be coordinated, choose products from the same line within the same brand. Alternatively, if you can’t find everything you want, pick a contrasting color (or just white) instead of a different shade of the same color in a different brand that might be more likely to clash.


In different shapes, materials, sizes, and numbers.

When you see two products here that look exactly the same but have a different price, a lot of times that is because the products are different sizes (like dinner plates versus dessert plates) or a different size package (a different number of plates). I wish all of that basic information would show but the snippets are limited so you’ll just have to click through to see what’s what!


Bowls, Utensils, Straws, and More!

Napkins and Placemats

The image with the scalloped edge is the placemat!

Party Supply Kits

Enjoy creating a lavender bridal shower!

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