Money, Legalities, and Personal Business: Things to Consider

Money, legalities, and personal business on Virtuous Weddings are technically too categories:


And Legalities and Personal Business


They’re very much related (which is why I chose to address them together here) but, let’s face it, Money is a huge beast all by itself, even without any issues of organization, communication, insurance, etc.  Sometimes it needs to be faced directly even though there’s a lot of overlap.


Money, Legalities, and Personal Business: Things to Consider


Money Management Things to Consider

  • How will money be managed and who will manage it?
  • How much income will the family have?
  • How many incomes will the family have?
  • What expenses will the family have?
  • What debts and obligations are either the husband or wife bringing with them?
  • What savings or other assets do either of them have?
  • What are each person’s beliefs, convictions, habits, practices, plans, desires, etc. as they relate to money and money management?


Money Related Things You’ll Need to Do

  • Establish a budget.
  • Open bank accounts (and close old ones).
  • Keep financial records.
  • Pay taxes.
  • Plan and prepe for the future.
  • Prepare for day-to-day money management.
  • Prepare to live frugally.


Legalities and Other Personal Business Things to Consider

  • Personal organization and the management of one’s personal business (whatever that may include)
  • Paper management; filing
  • Bill paying
  • Personal correspondence
  • Record keeping
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • Money management (especially the practical aspects of keeping things straight)
  • Taxes (income, property, and others)
  • Bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
  • Insurance: home owner’s, renters’, health, life, auto
  • Home ownership or renting details (also a Housing issue, as are some others) .
  • Vehicles: purchasing, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  • Zoning laws and other regulations related to housing or property
  • Wills and related documents
  • The home office
  • Address and information changes
  • Bride’s name change
  • Computer and device management
  • And probably a lot more, depending on your individual circumstances and lifestyle!


I just made myself tired! How about you? This is a lot to manage which is why you need to start addressing it immediately so things don’t keep sneaking up on you that you have to deal with at the last minute when you have no idea what you’re doing!

Start by making lists of the things you all ready have to manage and organize those first! Hang in there. 😉




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