Moving and Transitions: Things to Consider

Whether he’s moving, she’s moving, or you’re both moving . . . ,

Whether you’re moving across the country or next door. . . ,


. . . moving is a big job!


Add getting settled and adjusted to sharing space, and it’s even bigger!


Moving and Transitions: Things to Consider


Things to Consider

  • Who’s moving?
  • Where and how far are they moving?
  • When can they move (when will the new home be ready to start receiving their stuff)?
  • What kind of help do they have available?
  • Moving safely, efficiently, and inexpensively.
  • Getting your new space ready to move into.
  • Preparing to move (de-cluttering, planning).
  • Consolidating goods.
  • Getting settled in your new space.
  • Changing addresses and phone numbers.
  • Getting adjusted to living together.


Ready, set, go!



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