Nine Fall Decor Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Looking for ideas for your fall wedding? These are ideas I’m loving for weddings in late August through the end of November (or whenever fall is where you live!).

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Loopy Burlap Flowers

I like these loopy burlap flowers! They’re pretty, and cute, and casual. Great for a “rustic” look.

How to use them: I’m wondering how they would look on hair clips. Also, anywhere you would use a flower. On the end of your guest book pen? As part of a candle wrap?

What do you think? How would you suggest using these?


Burlap Fringed Table Runner

Okay, I know there’s more to fall than burlap! But I think burlap works well for fall. It just seems to fit! Use this anywhere you need a table runner. Guest book table? Serving tables? Eating tables?


Pinecone and Cranberry Garland

Another gorgeous rustic idea that fits fall or winter. I’m not sure how I would use this. Maybe as part of a backdrop or on the edge of a table?


Twine Wrapped Vases

Metals cans wrapped in twine make great rustic vases for reception centerpieces. Bonus: if you use regular size cans you won’t need a ton of flowers!


Twig Letters

Before we move on from rustic to elegant, here’s another idea using a large letter and twigs. I would use this for the couple’s initials, of course!


Wheat Bundles

For a simple fall centerpiece! In the photo, it’s shown tied with a rustic burlap ribbon, but I think it would work well with other types of ribbon too (something less rustic and more “elegant harvest”?).


Colorful Fall Fruit

I love this! I’m always looking for red fall ideas (perhaps because orange is not one of my favorite colors . . and red is!). This idea would work beautifully with red apples too, or any color of apples or pears.


Painted Pumpkin Vase

A fake pumpkin painted white and used as a vase could hold many different types of arrangements.


White Pumpkins With Flowers

I’m not really into the antlers, but I’m loving the combination of white pumpkins with the purple, pink, and white flowers. So appropriate for early fall and yet so different from typical fall decorations. I can see doing similar arrangements as centerpieces and serving table decor. And guest book table decor too!

I’m also just really impressed with that color scheme . . . . I may have to explore it further!


Do you like any of these fall wedding ideas? How would you use them? What would you do differently?

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