Planning With Pinterest Part III: What You Can Plan

A gazillion things, really. Here I just want to give you some ideas of things you can plan with Pinterest that relate to Virtuous Weddings. Let’s get started!


Planning With Pinterest Part 1: What You Can Plan ~ Virtuous Weddings


How can Pinterest help you with . . . ?


Your Relationship

Marriage related pins


  • Things to read
  • Things to talk about
  • Things to do
  • Your honeymoon
  • Dates (the kind you go on, not the kind you eat)



Your Wedding

Search results for blue spring wedding ideas


  • What to wear
  • How to decorate
  • What to eat
  • Your ceremony
  • Wedding details
  • and more!



Setting Up Housekeeping

Food and kitchen related pins.


  • Where to live
  • Budgeting
  • Home improvement and décor
  • Shopping trips
  • Things to make
  • Things to buy
  • Packing and moving
  • and more!


Bride Stuff

  • Things to make
  • Things to buy
  • Wardrobe and personal style
  • Things to do
  • Home décor
  • Recipes
  • and more!

A Pinterest board.


Groom Stuff

  • Thing to do
  • Things to Buy
  • Honeymoon travel
  • Dates
  • Home improvement projects
  • and more!


Family and Friends

Search results for Christian bridal shower ideas.


  • Parties and showers
  • Gift ideas
  • Gift wrapping and giving
  • What to wear


In Summary

You can. . . 

  • Collect ideas for specific projects or areas of planning
  • Create “to do” lists (complete with links to the how to!)
  • Create moodboards
  • Learn your style
  • Store blog posts for reading later
  • Gather products you might want to use
  • Share ideas with family members or friends


What will YOU plan?



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