Welcome to the legalese corner. 🙂 This legal stuff is technically important even if it isn’t the most interesting stuff around. Read it if you want to (note that if you don’t read it, it still applies.).

I want to treat you right and I want you to treat my website, my business, and myself right.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Disclaimers and Disclosures

You’ll find them here.

Advertisement and Link Policies

There’s more stuff on the same topics in the legal docs Disclaimers and Disclosures but this is way more fun to read than it’s legal cousins. 🙂

Comment on Links: I don’t completely endorse every website I link to or resource I mention (including advertisements), or even necessarily agree with the majority of the information they offer. That most likely goes without saying. However, all resources (including advertisements) are chosen by me because I believe they may benefit to my visitors. Everything isn’t for everybody, either. 🙂 Use your head (and so on . . . ).

Comment on Advertisements: Advertising on websites is clearly for the purpose of generating income. My advertisements are no exception. However, I see advertisements on Virtuous Weddings as part of the content. That is, I want advertisements to be relevant, meaningful, and helpful to site visitors.

I select and arrange advertising with the same care that I select and arrange the content of posts and pages, and for the same purpose. I know you’re trained to ignore ads, but you might not want to do that around here. They’re not irrelevant craziness + ads for websites you just left (if you see one like that, it’s pure coincidence!).

I obviously want all advertisements and links to be in harmony with the goals, principles, and policies of Virtuous Weddings. However, I can’t really keep up with everything. If you see anything objectionable or questionable, please let me know (please don’t contact me until you’ve been around long enough to know what might matter to me!).

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