Prep Goals: Dress and Wardrobe

Dress and Wardrobe is about things like adjusting the way you dress (if needed), preparing your wardrobe,  and improving wardrobe management.
Maybe your wardrobe is already in order and you dress exactly they way you want to (and should). Happy you! In that case you’ll only need to look at those things in light of your upcoming wedding, honeymoon, and new life, and see if any adjustments or additions need to be made.
If you’re one of the rest of us . .  well . . . you could probably stay pretty busy just on this one area!

Prep Goals: Dress and Wardrobe


Picking Your Goals

Every bride is different. Take some time for personal reflection, evaluation, prayer, and, where appropriate, discussion with your man.

What are your values with respect to dress and wardrobe management? How do you want to dress as a new bride? What’s important to you?

What’s important to your husband?What are his values and ideas?

What is your understanding of God’s will for you as a wife and homemaker, in terms of dress and wardrobe?

Where you are now in relation to these things?


What to Consider

  • The way you dress and the way you want to dress
  • Your values, principles, and lifestyle
  • Your style, your specific wardrobe needs, etc. Consider any changes in your lifestyle that marriage will bring.
  • The modesty, convenience, usefulness, and loveliness of your wardrobe
  • How well you manage your wardrobe
  • Your resources, skills, and budget
  • Repairs 
  • De-cluttering, doing a wardrobe review
  • Backlog of stain removal, handwashing, or drycleaning

Factors to Consider When Deciding What to Do

What’s essential? What absolutely MUST be done before you wed? Start there.

What’s important? Add these if you can.

What’s urgent? What MUST be done now if it’s done at all?

What’s fun (for you or your man)? Throw in some of that if you can!

What’s easy? It might be easier to fit those things into your schedule.

What’s convenient? What fits best into your life right now?

How long is your engagement? If it’s short, you won’t have a lot of time to prepare before the wedding. Don’t overdo it!

How much time and energy will you have during your engagement to work on stuff?


Here’s a challenge for you: Ask yourself , and God, “What five things do I need to do during our engagement to prepare my wardrobe for my role as a wife?” and “What five things do I need to do during our engagement to prepare my wardrobe for my role as a homemaker?” Start there.



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